Nowadays I don’t feel like doing anything except for going on internet or reading mushy romance novels . Perhaps the summer spirit has finally caught up with me .I don’t know what you do but that’s what I do after school’s out =). The weather is not too hot but not cold either , a bit like spring. And the fact that I’m procrastinating doesn’t help my problem with the end-of-term tests these days . In fact , I have one tomorrow and I haven’t even touched the book . ( I can’t entirely blame this on myself.. Why can’t they make the book much more thinner? ).

I don’t have problem with tests ( who am I kidding?) but I do have a lot of problems with my teachers . I’m gonna list those that I don’t like ( “hate” is such a strong word) . I’m ranting after all

1. My Chemistry teacher : She insists that she’s still going to keep on testing students even though the end-of-term test has already been done . (-_-) It would makes much more sense if she’s an old single woman who lives with nobody but all  her cats & enjoying marking tests cause she has nothing better to do. As much as I enjoy being a good student ( or trying to be one) , I wanna have a talk with her about “Getting a life”

2. My PE teacher : He called me “stupid” and asked me “where was my brain?” . Though I bet my school records must’ve been much higher than his . I mean : he’s the one who’s teaching PE ( no offense to guys who teaches PE though)

Now that I’ve ran out of things 2 talk about , let’s listen to some music :


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